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How you're recycling plastic wrong, from coffee cups to toothpaste

How you're recycling plastic wrong, from coffee cups to toothpaste
It's a familiar sight: stop in the trash, with the trash in your hand, and ask yourself: "Can I recycle this?" Anyway, we usually throw it into the recycling box, hoping that someone else, somewhere else, will solve it.  Called recycled recycling ambition or cycle of desires. While recycling remains an essential tool to cope with the plastic flood that is flooding the planet, it is time to check reality.

Your coffee cup is non-recyclable
Millions of disposable coffee cups disposed of every year are a classic example: a thin layer of plastic inside the cup can prevent leakage, but it is very difficult to separate it from a paper cup.  This means that cups can not be recycled like paper, and can not be recycled like plastic.  Its final destination is usually landfill.

Coffee cup covers do not work better, because of the poor quality of plastic, they are not particularly attractive to buyers of plastic used, and tend in any case to be turned into small parts and unusable.  Some dock programs recommend placing them directly in the trash.  The best solution is to get a cup of reusable coffee.

Toothpaste tubes need special treatment.

Clean teeth, yes.  A clean planet, questionable.  Toothpaste tubes are another worrisome compound: although most pipes can be made of plastic, they may contain other materials, such as a thin layer of aluminum.  The tubes and toothbrush also contain different types of plastic mixed together (hard mangoes, soft bristles), making it more difficult to separate and treat each type separately.Metal tubes, glass jars and toothpaste cans are more recyclable than their plastic counterparts, and bamboo brushes made of bamboo and plastic-free have become more popular.

Plastic bags are the nightmare of a recycling plant.
Poor plastic bags degrade rapidly and can block expensive screening equipment, causing workers to be delayed and at risk.  "Multi-million dollar processing machines are often shut down at recycling centers every half an hour because plastic bags get stuck in the equipment,"

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