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Do you know what will happen if you put toothpaste on your skin .. You will not believe it!

Do you know what will happen if you put toothpaste on your skin .. You will not believe it!

Toothpaste is specially designed to clean our teeth.  Fluorine, clay, quartz, sodium fluoride and minerals called calcite are usually formed. It is used for teeth brushing.

 But today, humans, especially women, found other uses such as putting it on their faces, according to some opinions to improve the appearance of the skin.  However, some may think of skin diseases otherwise, it may contain some substances that irritate the skin.  So, if you're one of those who wonder if putting your toothpaste on you is bad, you can find the answer in the following paragraphs.

If you put toothpaste on your skin

Well, you have to understand that the pasta-making tool is not intended for facial skin or for other parts of the body, if you put toothpaste on your face:

     Patches on the skin, because it stimulates the skin to produce more melanin.
     Skin irritation
      Leaves marks on the skin
      Dry skin
      Whitening skin

Toothpaste works poorly on the skin, although some recommend it, but it may work with some people. However, if you are sensitive, avoid using it and resort to products that suit your skin type so that you can wear beautiful skin without exposing yourself to any  Risk, remember that each product has been created has a goal, so it is best to use only toothpaste to show clean and clean teeth.

Is it good to put toothpaste on your face
If you still decide to use toothpaste for your face, you should examine the ingredients contained in it and verify that it does not contain sodium sulphate, triclosan or sodium fluoride, as these ingredients are the most irritating to the skin.  According to those who recommend pasta, they say it is best to use white pasta because it contains less harmful ingredients to the skin.

 However, you should know that the benefits that they are said to get from toothpaste such as removing pimples, pimples, acne and skin spots, can be found in special skin care products that are harmless. Scientific benefits that are said to have been obtained from toothpaste have not been scientifically proven or less by dermatologists, so use is at your own risk. If you use them, do not abuse them, it may have consequences for your skin.

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